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Goods in transit Insurance

The number of development in the transportation sector has eased and increased the movement of goods from one place to another. But as transportation activities helped various businesses to grow and flourish, similarly, the goods contain several risks associated with them while transiting. This is where our goods in transit insurance policy will come in handy!

From offering the exact protection to covering up the losses against the thievery or any damages to the products while being transported— nothing gets missed out from our list. So, what are you waiting for? Get good insurance right away to keep your contents totally safe and stay stress-free during transportation.


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Our Goods in transit insurance includes

  • Theft of goods
  • Loss or damage of goods
  • Any accidents while transiting

This protects the insured against

  • Damages of goods resulting from any accidents, like fire, water damage, infestation, bad weather conditions, vandalism, etc
  • Lost of the products while in transit
  • Any kind of damage from something being dropped during the loading, unloading, or off the moving vehicle.

Why Choose US

If you are an exporter/importer or a business owner who has to deal with the transition of goods daily, then getting these goods in transit insurance is a must for you. It will save you and keep you protected from encountering several unexpected situations.

We have designed our insurance with great care with the sole aim of protecting our clients. With our insurance, you will not have anything to worry about being exposed to financial losses while moving your valuable goods from one location to another.

Don’t worry, our insurance comes with the most affordable solitons that will get comfortably under your budget. Besides, you will find us available whenever you need our service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at the below queries related to transit insurance:

1. Why do you need goods in transit insurance?

If you have goods in transit insurance, it will mean that you are protected against any kind of losses resulting from the goods you are in charge of. The purpose of this insurance is to protect buyers and sellers from potential financial loss if any item gets misplaced or damaged while remaining off-premises and in transit.

2. What is meant by goods in transit policy?

The loss, theft, or damage of your goods, while they are being transported from one location to another is covered by goods in transit insurance. They are also sometimes referred to as GIT insurance.

For instance, when any good items are being moved from a factory or workshop to a store, office, or private property fall under this policy.