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+231 777 964 265

Working at NICOL can be mutually beneficial because of the time and resources we put into developing our employees and the wealth of knowledge they acquire from dealing with complex issues and the experience of working in a corporate environment. As a employee of NICOL, you don’t just get a salary, but you are rewarded for performance on a quarterly and annual basis. This annual reward comes in the form of a yearly pay increase. Basically, based upon your performance, you become eligible to receive a pay raise at the beginning of the next fiscal year. You also get other benefits such as Company’s contribution towards health insurance, vacation and sick time, Paid Holidays, death benefits for spouse and immediate members of your family, paid bereavement, Birthday recognition (that comes with a small token) as well as a token on your 5 years anniversary with the Company. Not forgetting pension & retirement benefits.

Build your career at NICOL today.

We are seeking passionate, honest and career-oriented individuals to join our team of dedicated professionals to grow with us. For us at NICOL, we don’t just want to create an environment where you can just collect a paycheck. We take pride in professionalism and put emphasis on capacity building, team work, balance between work and family; and the need to create a conducive working environment for our employees.

Before you apply for any of our vacancies, kindly ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you passionate about helping people solve problems even when they are not having a good day?
  2. Are you willing to go the extra mile in assisting people achieve their goals?
  3. Are you result-oriented and a committed individual?
  4. Do you have great problem solving skills and good at meeting deadlines?
  5. Do you have a great organizational skill and can multi-task?
  6. Are you looking for just a job or you are looking to build a career?
  7. Can you work under pressure?
  8. Are you Honest and reliable?
  9. Do you have great verbal and written communication skills?
  10. Are you a critical thinker?
  11. Are you flexible and willing to work even when it’s not your day to work?
  12. Are you willing to learn?

If you answer YES to all of the above questions, then you have just passed the first step in joining our team of great professionals.