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Personal Accident Insurance

Protect all your finances even when you are injured with our personal accident insurance. Life is unpredictable, and anything can happen at any moment of the time. And as normal human beings, we cannot but have to go with the tragic flow of life. Such as, what if you have an injury that makes it impossible for you to fulfill your everyday activities, or worse, makes you jobless or disabled for the rest of your lives?

However, with personal accident insurance, you can certainly ensure a protected life for both you and your family. From offering financial support to compensation for certain expenses like physical injury, disability, or death—our accident insurance policy covers all kinds of expenses in the case of an accident. Super flexible, affordable, and convenient right from the go.


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Our Personal accident insurance includes

  • Limb loss
  • Permanent disability of a limb
  • Hearing loss
  • Vision loss
  • Death

This protects the insured against

  • Treatment expenses and hospital bills
  • Temporary or permanent financial loss/disability
  • Legal expenditures spend on defending a trial

Why Choose US

Whether be it a minor or major, an accident is an accident. The struggle is real and indeed a true tragedy for those who encounter it. That’s why to make your life smoother; we are here to the rescue!

From covering your huge piles of medical bills to daily cash allowance for loss of income, bodily injury, death, or even disability—we have got your back in the most convenient way possible. So why wait any longer? Get one right away to secure your and the lives of your loved ones.

why choose us for personal accident insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the below most asked queries in case you have any confusion in your mind regarding personal accident insurance:

1. What is the age limit for personal accident insurance?

Well, the age limit basically varies from insurance to insurance. However, as a general rule, the age limit for this personal accident insurance is considered ideal before turning 64 years old to 75 years.

2. Why do I need personal accident insurance?

From physical harm to temporary or permanent disability and accidental death—everything is usually covered up by personal accident insurance. As a result, if you have one under your one, it will certainly be profitable for you and your family members in case of any emergency or tragic incidents.

3. Is personal accident insurance life insurance?

In the most unfortunate event of your sudden passing away, life insurance provides for anyone who depends on you financially. On the other hand, a personal accident insurance policy offers protection in the event of a death or injury brought on solely by an accident.