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Burglary Insurance

Starting from homeowners to renters, small/medium or large enterprise owners – our burglary insurance just covers all areas. So everyone can protect their belongings from unexpected losses and incidents. Moving to the price, each of our fire and burglary insurance comes with an affordable pricing package.

As a result, everyone can comfortably get themselves one without having to worry about crossing their budget. What’s holding you back? Our top-notch burglary and theft insurance gives you peace of mind against various robberies or threats.


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Our Burglary insurance includes

  • Home owners
  • Renters
  • Small business owners
  • Medium business owners
  • Large enterprises
  • Educational spaces
  • Various kinds of stores

This protects the insured against

  • Thievery by actual, aggressive, forcible entry
  • Any kind of damages caused by the impostor
  • A planned theft or robbery on the aforementioned properties by a maliciously disguised person.
  • Roadblock or robbery with weapons.
  • Offer coverage for any death and disabilities

Why Choose US

Your safety is our topmost concern, and we will always be available whenever you need us. It can be anything from giving important advice to doing financial planning or completing all the necessary paperwork.

With NICOL, you will get the value you deserve as we earn your trust by making it personal. Our team members are always responsive and devoted to making your life easier.

Our reputation is built by offering excellent customer service and various schemes that make our customers happy. We are here to support you and protect you against any kind of situation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the below most asked questions relevant to the burglary insurance:

1. Who needs burglary insurance?

Burglary insurance is basically for everyone. They ensure peace of mind that you have some kind of protection against any kind of unexpected tragic incident. This is certainly a handy thing compared to the present scenarios where protecting your house and other valuables is indeed one of the toughest things.

2. What is safe burglary?

Safe burglary refers to either the taking of a safe or vault from within the Premises or the illegal theft of valuables from a locked safe. Besides, it can even refer to the vault by someone who has unlawfully entered the safe or vault, as shown by signs of forcible entry on its exterior.

3. Is burglary insurance?

Theft insurance is frequently confused with burglary insurance. But they are two distinct insurance strategies. Burglary insurance, as opposed to theft insurance, covers theft. However, it won’t pay for any harm brought on by riots, shoplifting, or hostilities.