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Want to protect your house and other valuables from dangerous explosions and fires? If so, then our fire & allied perils insurance are the ones to go for. We ensure complete protection of your home and business premises along with offering assurance to pay for the loss and damages that happened to the property owing to any incidents (as covered by the fire peril insurance policies).

Besides, our fire insurance company doesn’t just stop at protecting your property. Instead have expanded our policies, covering several other jeopardies, including malicious damages, terrorism, bomb-blast, etc. What’s holding you back? Pick the ideal fire casualty insurance policy that tailors all your requirements to stay safe and protected as always.

Fire & Allied Perils Insurance

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Our fire & allied perils insurance includes

  • Riot and strike
  • Physical damages
  • Explosion
  • Special Dangers (water perils of flood, blocked drains, etc.)
  • Earthquake
  • Bush fire
  • Buildings (both commercial and residential)
  • Office furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Missile testing operations
  • Aircraft damages
  • Lightning

This protects the insured against

  • Rent loss following a fire
  • Loss of subterranean tank contents after an earthquake
  • Earthquake protection for swimming pools
  • Damages caused by thievery/robbery

Why Choose US

A single disaster is enough to turn your life upside down. That’s why getting a fire and allied perils insurance is a smarter call. After all, it protects you from every kind of hazardous situation.

We understand the suffering. That’s why we have developed the most affordable fire insurance plans to protect our customers from any kind of damage to the insured properties brought on by the fire or by any other linked risks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most asked queries regarding fire casualty insurance:

1. What is not covered by fire insurance?

Any event that results in fire must be covered by insurance unless it is specifically excluded by law. These exclusions cover things like riots, civil unrest, wars abroad or at home, vandalism, and other catastrophes.

2. What allied risks may also be covered in a fire insurance policy?

Accidents brought on by lightning, fire, implosion, explosion, and other similar events are all covered by fire insurance. In addition, there are several man-made dangers that get covered, including water leaks from sprinklers, water tanks that burst, or pipes that flood.