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Hon. Sam Mannah

The National Insurance Corporation Of Liberia-NICOL is currently being managed by Acting Managing Director Sam Mannah, Former Press Secretary to President George Weah.

Sam Mannah is a seasoned former corporate America Banking executive with vast experience in the mortgage Banking sector. He brings in approximately 17 years of private sector experience and has worked extensively within the Banking industry in the U.S. for several financial institutions. From serving as Assistant Vice President for Bankruptcy at Bank of America Home loans in Fort Worth, Texas, to serving as project consultant for several other banks and financial institutions in the US.

Some of the financial institutions he has done consultancy for include: Standard Chartered Bank and One West Bank, under the canopy of the Newbold Advisors Group Inc.

Mr. Mannah last worked for JP Morgan Chase Bank in Lewisville Texas, where he held several positions ranging from Risks & Compliance Analyst to Customer Relationship Manager; and prior to that worked for Nationstar Mortgage based in Lewisville, Texas where he served as a foreclosure Analyst.

In addition to his Banking experience, he has worked for Time Warner Communications as Customer Account Executive; and Aviall Inc, a subsidiary of Boeing, where he worked as Senior Aircraft parts distributor. Aviall at the time was the world’s leading aircraft parts distributor. Additionally, he had brief stints within the Wind Turbine and renewable energy Industry where he served as contractor for Gemini Energy Services Inc, based in Charlotte North Carolina and Airways Wind Energy Inc, out of San Angelo, Texas. He also worked briefly for Motorola USA out of Fort Worth Texas as Quality Control Analyst, and Telvista Inc out of Grapevine, Texas as Senior Technical Support Representative.

Sam Mannah rose to prominence in the Liberian Political setting during the 2014 senatorial elections that brought the then Senator Weah to the Senate. He was one of the ardent supporters of the then senator who dedicated his daily activities to promoting candidate Weah’s senatorial bid. His hard work and dedication led to his ascendency as public Relations Officer to Senator Weah; a Position he held since 2015 and subsequently became the 1st Press Secretary to President Weah upon his ascendency to the Presidency on January 23, 2018.

Sam Mannah was again appointed by President George Weah on November 8, 2018 to the position of Deputy Managing Director for Administration at the National Insurance Corporation of Liberia where he also serves as acting Managing Director. Under his tutelage as acting Managing Director of NICOL, he spearheaded the resuscitation process of the entity and it was through his leadership that the entity which was dormant for the past 12 years is now being revived to its pre-war status.